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A non-standard contact centre office

When the first call centre companies appeared in the 90s, the office spaces did not offer the possibilities we have nowadays and the people’s awareness of efficiency was much lower than it is at present. The market of call centre companies which offer simple services has greatly evolved into the direction of specialisation and professionalisation. Currently people working for call centres perform more varied activities and tasks than it was initially ‒ 8 working hours with a phone receiver. The change in the work style has been accompanied by some changes in the office space that is now supposed to support employees in carrying out their everyday duties.

Nina Bocheńska, Business Services Communication Specialist

In recent years, we have observed development of call centre companies into professional contact centre companies. By transferring this kind of services to Poland, global companies have created new work quality and raised standards in terms of employee remuneration and an office space. Being part of the constantly developing BPO/SSC market, they have to do their best to fight for employees.

Employee profile

It is widely believed that the people working at call contact centre companies are those who have just started their professional careers. Nowadays, the group of call contact centre employees is most often made up of the generation Y who requires something more than a satisfactory salary from their employer. Representatives of the generation Y, so-called Millennials, are ambitious and focused on personal achievements and self-development. They usually threat their work at a call contact centre as the first stop on their career paths. Thanks to the technology they adore, they have access to global trends and international work patterns.

They are mobile and independent, so it is relatively easy for them to take a decision about changing their job. Because of all these features, they pose a huge challenge to managers who are often representatives of a different generation. Attracting young people and keeping them in an organisation is one of the main problems contemporary BPO/SSC companies have to face.

Employee turnover

The biggest problem connected with employee turnover in customer service centres is the outflow of knowledge from an organisation. If an ambitious employee does not get a chance to develop inside a company, they are certain to look for it in the market. The experience they gained will not give any added value to the company which they could create by continuing their development inside it. A chance to keep such an employee in an organisation is to manage their talents skilfully and offer benefits that will increase their job satisfaction. A sports card or private medical care are becoming a standard. However, the standard is no longer enough. Additional benefits, such as an effective and well designed office can have a real influence on employee job satisfaction level.

Space in which work is pleasant

Nowadays, an office space is perceived as a tool that supports teams in performing their everyday work. When employees are provided with ergonomic workstations, meeting rooms, places designed for performing tasks that require concentration, and social zones, it is easier for them to carry out their everyday duties.

A contact centre office does not have to be conventional and made up only of boxes where employees carry out their main tasks. The technology development and flexible work styles allow employees to work in comfortable conditions within a large space and perform some tasks away from a desk. These solutions have been chosen by the international airlines Cathay Pacific, for which we have equipped the Global Contact Centre in Cracow.

Our arrangement works have resulted in unique interiors that are the company’s showpiece and that support it in attracting the best employees in the competitive Cracow labour market.

How can you create an attractive contact centre office?

Thanks to unique branding, an office becomes a company’s showpiece and mirrors its values and mission. It also helps a company stand out from other companies in the competitive market. According to employees, an office look shows whether an employer takes care of their staff or not.

Additional social zones where employees can relax and spend a break with their colleagues raise a team’s morale. It has been proven that informal meetings over a cup of coffee are more effective than traditional meetings held in conference rooms. Work performed with people who we know and like is more pleasant and more productive at the same time.

“Fine feathers make fine birds” – currently an office is becoming an employer branding element that allows for attracting potential employees.

Previous boxes are replaced with comfortable workstations and additional acoustic solutions, such as upholstered desk panels, acoustic panels and other solutions that allow for soundproofing particular rooms in an office.

Thanks to the division of an office into 3 macrozones: communication, concentration and administration, employees do not disturb each other in performing their everyday duties.

Nowy Styl Group talked about the latest trends and the needs of the call contact centre sector with its representatives during the CWW 2017 Congress in Berlin. Our company was a partner of the official Polish stand organised by Forum Call Center.


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