Tapasztalt szakértő, független gyártó és hozzáértő Tanácsadó vagyunk. Tudj meg többet rólunk - történetünkről, a fenntartható fejlődési stratégiánkról és a számunkra támaszt jelentő értékekről.

Minden jó projekt egy ötlettel kezdődik. Inspirálunk, megosztjuk szakértőink tudását és segítünk megtalálni a legjobb megoldásokat. Ismerd meg kutatásainkat, cikkeinket és véleményeinket.

Szeretnél többet megtudni kínálatunkról? Képviselőnkkel elbeszélgetni? Megismerni az együttműködés lehetőségeit? Kérjük, vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot.

Tudással, gyakorlati tapasztalattal és egyedi know-how-al rendelkezünk. Ügyfeleinknek tanácsot adunk a tér berendezésével, valamint a hatékony megoldások és termékek kiválasztásával kapcsolatban. Fedezd fel a modern irodákkal szembeni elvárásokat, és tudd meg, hogyan lehetünk képesek együtt megfelelni ezeknek.

We draw inspiration from the world of music

Furnishing office and public spaces is our passion. We approach our everyday duties like artists who, thanks to their talent and hard work, achieve successes and make people happy. Mutual trust and respect towards the artistic environment were the main reasons standing behind our willingness to become a patron of the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice. Today, when another year of our cooperation passes by, we are happy and proud of all the initiatives we have undertaken together. Each of them has helped many talented young people come closer to the huge stage and the world of art.

Patrycja Grzybowska, Marketing & Communication Specialist

Being a patron of Educational and Concert Programs is a huge honour, but also a huge responsibility for us. An honour, because since 2015 (when we initiated our cooperation), we have had a great chance to support young people, develop their careers and help them become outstanding musicians. A responsibility, because seeing the young people's passion and huge engagement, we would like to fulfil our mission even better. We wish to be a reliable partner who approaches business with proper respect.

Music is the best language to move the hearts of people all over the world.

Jimmy Page

The exceptional project of the building was prepared by the Cracow Design Studio DDJM, which was later responsible for the design project of the Office Inspiration Centre – our space for inspiration in Cracow.
The heart of the world-class building is undoubtedly its concert hall. It has been equipped with 650 Tiago armchairs by one of our brands – Forum Seating.
Apart from Lusławice, Tiago armchairs can be found in other cultural facilities, e.g. Mediateka in Tychy, the Artistic and Cultural Centre in Kozienice, as well as the Music School in Tarnobrzeg.

Concert activity

Since the very beginning, our role as a patron of the European Centre for Music has been connected with two types of activity – concert and educational.

What did we manage to achieve within the last two years?

In 2016–2017, 182 concerts and performances were held under our patronage. The wide offer of concerts – solo recitals, chamber concerts, choral and symphonic concerts, as well as ballet and opera performances encouraged over 60,000 music lovers to visit the Centre.

At that time, Lusławice hosted leading symphony orchestras, e.g. Simfonia Varsovia and Sinfonietta Cracovia, world-famous chamber music stars, e.g. Scharoun Ensemble der Berliner Philiharmoniker and Korean Young Artists & Ensemble OPUS, as well as outstanding soloists, e.g. Gautier Capucon and David Russel.

The calendar of the most important events that were held thanks to our financial support also included the 4th and 5th EMANACJE Music Festival (80 summer concerts organised in the most attractive historic buildings of Lesser Poland), concerts by leading musicians of the young generation, e.g. the Lusławice Talents Orchestra, and performances by recognised artists and lecturers addressed to school-aged children.

Concert activity
Educational activity

Educational activity

The years 2016–2017 were also devoted to intensive activities in the field of educating the youngest musicians. Thanks to our financial support, the Centre organised 119 masterclasses for over 2,800 participants, including the most outstanding young artists from Poland and Europe.

Over 450 participants also took part in the Winter Music Academy, while the Lusławice Talents Orchestra gathered together more than 80 students who were the winners of all-Poland instrumental auditions.

Apart from the activities focused on the development of the youngest artists, the Centre undertook a wide range of educational activities for older recipients, including the Chamber Music Master Course Shanghai Quartet for string quartets, the Summer Music Academy, the Ensemble OPUS Workshops with the participation of artists from South Korea, the orchestra workshops Santander Orchestra, as well as music composition workshops.

To make music stay with us a little bit longer

The support we offer to talented young people within the European Centre for Music is only a part of our activity in this field. Our cooperation with the Centre in Lusławice has inspired us to undertake further activities supporting music. This is how the YEAR OF MUSIC project came into being. Since 2016 we have been supporting the Young Arts Festival in Krosno as part of the project. We have also been a patron of the Festival Gala Concert "Let's remember Osiecka" which was held in the Roma Musical Theatre in Warsaw, which is furnished with Roma armchairs made by Forum Seating. Our activities have also included the patronage over the "Lusławice Musical Talents" album.

We are convinced that the further years of our cooperation will be fruitful too. We hope that, thanks to our activities, lots of young people and music lovers will be able to discover and cultivate their passion for music.


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