Tapasztalt szakértő, független gyártó és hozzáértő Tanácsadó vagyunk. Tudj meg többet rólunk - történetünkről, a fenntartható fejlődési stratégiánkról és a számunkra támaszt jelentő értékekről.

Minden jó projekt egy ötlettel kezdődik. Inspirálunk, megosztjuk szakértőink tudását és segítünk megtalálni a legjobb megoldásokat. Ismerd meg kutatásainkat, cikkeinket és véleményeinket.

Szeretnél többet megtudni kínálatunkról? Képviselőnkkel elbeszélgetni? Megismerni az együttműködés lehetőségeit? Kérjük, vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot.

Tudással, gyakorlati tapasztalattal és egyedi know-how-al rendelkezünk. Ügyfeleinknek tanácsot adunk a tér berendezésével, valamint a hatékony megoldások és termékek kiválasztásával kapcsolatban. Fedezd fel a modern irodákkal szembeni elvárásokat, és tudd meg, hogyan lehetünk képesek együtt megfelelni ezeknek.

Let's #MakeYourSpace Together

We have presented our interpretation of the five most interesting features of modern office spaces. The ball is in your court now. Tell us about the needs of your organization. Let's talk about your office space. 

Good acoustics, special zones for different types of activities, a chance to recover, the importance of space and technologies that facilitate the performance of tasks. Acoustic panels, sit-to-stand desks, ergonomic chairs and furniture that allows you to splash out with colour. In our previous articles, we described the factors – products and solutions - that ensure that employees are provided the best possible conditions to perform their tasks. The issues raised in our Let's #MakeYourSpace... cycle are the result of the work of many experts from several departments of our company, supported by studies and, most importantly, many years of experience in working with our customers. 

Organization analysis

To create a truly functional office, you need to analyze the organization whose space you are about to arrange. You need to address the following questions: What are the values and identity of the company? What is the dominant style of work in the individual teams? What do people who spend a significant part of their life in those spaces miss the most?  

Answers to these questions will let us start our work. We need them to recommend the type of office that suits your organization: cellular, open space, zonal or activity based workplace? Each of these types has different functional and spatial characteristics. They should not, however, be viewed as solutions that are better or worse. It all depends on the function: a cellular office will work very well for, say, a small company providing accounting services, an open space in which acoustics have been taken care of will be suitable for a call centre, and an office divided into zones will be the right solution for businesses where employees perform many different activities and are highly mobile. 

Office with a climate

The same is true of interior design – the options are countless. For example: the love of minimalism can be smuggled in the economical Scandinavian climate and industrial austerity will tell the story of an innovative spirit prevailing at a start-up. Attachment to ergonomics and functionality symbolizes the modern style, and attention to ecology – a biophilic office.

And then there are products, the choice of which affects work comfort and efficiency, while their design and the right colour configurations complement the image of the company.

That is why the word "together" is central to our presence at the Orgatec in Cologne. 


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