Tapasztalt szakértő, független gyártó és hozzáértő Tanácsadó vagyunk. Tudj meg többet rólunk - történetünkről, a fenntartható fejlődési stratégiánkról és a számunkra támaszt jelentő értékekről.

Minden jó projekt egy ötlettel kezdődik. Inspirálunk, megosztjuk szakértőink tudását és segítünk megtalálni a legjobb megoldásokat. Ismerd meg kutatásainkat, cikkeinket és véleményeinket.

Szeretnél többet megtudni kínálatunkról? Képviselőnkkel elbeszélgetni? Megismerni az együttműködés lehetőségeit? Kérjük, vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot.

Tudással, gyakorlati tapasztalattal és egyedi know-how-al rendelkezünk. Ügyfeleinknek tanácsot adunk a tér berendezésével, valamint a hatékony megoldások és termékek kiválasztásával kapcsolatban. Fedezd fel a modern irodákkal szembeni elvárásokat, és tudd meg, hogyan lehetünk képesek együtt megfelelni ezeknek.

Let's #MakeYourSpace Free

People can feel really at ease in your office. All you need to do is arrange the space well, choose the right products and convince your employees to open up to changes in the work environment. How can you do it? 

Free your space

Wide corridors, glazed rooms, a centrally located, spacious kitchen, open rooms of the departments and considerable spaces between desks - this is what our new office in Kraków looks like, with over 100 employees of various specializations coming to work there on a daily basis. This kind of office design ensures that not only those coming here every day, but also our guests can breathe freely. We realize that the office is, in a way, a showpiece of a company. The first seven seconds are decisive in making a good impression on your visitors. Judging by the reactions of people visiting our new office and Office Inspiration Centre – it seems to be working. 

As we were designing our new office, we wanted it to have a home feel to it. So we introduced plenty of acoustic panels, plants and soft accessories to ensure our employees would not feel overwhelmed by the space of over 2,000 m2. “Each of these elements contributes to well-being, an increasingly popular trend with which people don’t have to, but want to come to the office” - says Anna Dziadkowiec, Workplace Research and Analysis Consultant.


Free your desk

The second important trend that we were guided by in designing the new office was desk sharing. Its introduction was supported by research we carried out in our existing offices, which showed that only less than half of the desks were occupied during the day. Employees leave the office to meet with customers, go on business trips and holidays – so why assign them desks permanently? It turned out that reducing the number of desks did not make our work more difficult in any way. On the contrary – it allowed us to enlarge the zones in which, according to our study, a vast majority of ideas are conceived, such as the kitchen, and achieve the spaciousness effect mentioned before. The effect is further enhanced by using lockers - they occupy very little space, and employees keep their documents and personal items there, taking out only things they need at a given moment to put them on the desk. Thanks to these solutions, the office immediately became lighter.


Free your moves

The next step on the way to freeing your office are ergonomic chairs and furniture for the freedom of movement. The Xilium chair with the X-MOVE mechanism is bound to stand up to the challenge, its backrest adjusting perfectly to the movement of a user's back, following it and wrapping around the back like a hammock. In addition, thanks to the wide seat you can sit cross-legged or with your legs folded. All this is complemented by desks from the CS5040 system, characterized by exceptional minimalism, including extremely easy cable storage in vertical and horizontal ducts and the ability to join desks to form a workbench, which fits in very well with the “free your office” concept. These solutions make the work station comfortable and easy to use.


Free your thinking

Finally, you need to change the mentality of employees and employers. Anna Dziadkowiec believes that this element is essential: “You can arrange an office in line with the latest trends, create many different zones and furnish it with the best products. But its users need to know for sure they can use all those facilities and, equally important, they must know how to do it. In short:  they have to open themselves up for the office, just as the office opens up for us. Then they will feel really free in it.”



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