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  • Hírek
  • Over 65,000 seats and armchairs for the new Puskás Aréna

Over 65,000 seats and armchairs for the new Puskás Aréna

“Fitting out the Hungarian National Stadium is the first such comprehensive project we have delivered” says Jakub Rachfalik, Forum Seating Brand Managing Director, the provider of 65,000 seats and VIP armchairs, as well as a number of other solutions such as tables for sports commentators, platforms for people with disabilities, platforms for cameras and a complete railing system for the newly reopened Puskás Aréna.

A multi-functional arena with a flexible auditorium

However, the stadium has not been designed for football teams and fans only. In line with contemporary trends in design, the arena is multifunctional and it can host concerts of the world’s top stars as well as many other kinds of performances and events. What is more, its capacity can be easily changed, depending on the needs. The size of the auditorium can be adjusted to the rank of the event, eg. a game of the national league vs. an official international event. Such flexibility has been made possible with solutions from our brand Forum Seating, which used a special fastening system to fix our flagship Abacus seats in selected zones of the stadium.

Stadion Puskas w Budapeszcie
Trybuny na stadionie, krzesła Abacus
Mecz otwarcia na stadionie Puskas w Budapeszcie

The biggest project ever

The Abacus seats, of which about 61,000 were installed in the venue, are only a part of the equipment provided by Forum Seating for Hungary's national stadium. Although our brand had already gathered a considerable pool of impressive references before, such as the venues now under construction for the 2022 World Championships in Qatar, and stadiums hosting major sporting events in previous years, it has never delivered such a comprehensive project.


-“In our previous projects we focused primarily on delivering ‘basic’ seats for main stands and armchairs for VIP zones. The Puskás Aréna is our biggest project, and it involved comprehensively furnishing the entire inside of the stadium. We also provided over 150 dedicated, heated Montgomery armchairs for the Super VIP zone, almost 4,000 Oscar armchairs for the VIP zone, tables for sports commentators, platforms for people with disabilities, platforms for cameras, as well as a complete internal railing system” says Jakub Rachfalik, Forum Seating Brand Managing Director.

Experience that pays off

According to Mr. Rachfalik, Forum Seating was the only contractor capable of delivering such a large scope of work on schedule. “Choosing a single contractor is very comfortable for an investor, as it helps to avoid surprises that usually come up in areas where the competences of various companies involved in a project overlap” he explains. He also stresses that the brand’s cooperation with the architect is running very smoothly, partly because of its history of past projects, which has given Forum Seating a very good reputation and trust: “Together with Nowy Styl’s local partner Telmex, we have completed four stadium projects in Hungary before. Of course, we can also boast a whole host of other projects we have done around the world. They have given us a huge pool of experience, which is paying off now.”

“Another thing that is paying off is the teamwork, and the amazing commitment of everyone on our team, whom I would like to thank very much. Special thanks go to Maciej Wasilewski, the owner of Telmex. It is thanks to our fantastic specialists that we can develop continuously, adjust our solutions depending on needs, and even develop completely new solutions for a specific project. And most importantly, as was the case with the Puskás Aréna, we can fit out a giant venue from top to bottom” sums up Jakub Rachfalik.

Filled to capacity for the opening

The Puskás Aréna has already passed its baptism of fire before the next year's European Championships. The national teams of Hungary and Uruguay played a friendly match to inaugurate the stadium on Friday, 15 November. Adam Krzanowski, the President of Nowy Styl had the pleasure to watch the game and he has shared his impressions:


“The venue is really remarkable. I really like its shape, which is modern and classic at the same time, making it a perfect fit for Budapest: a city that is growing dynamically, but is historic in its nature. As far as the inside is concerned, the atmosphere there was just phenomenal. To be in the audience when all the tickets are sold out, with 65,000 spectators in the stands cheering on their team is an unforgettable experience. I am very glad we took part in this project, I just regret that the South American visitors spoilt Hungarians’ celebration by winning 2:1.”

Interesting facts

  • Almost 31 km of seat mounting beam was used in the Puskás Aréna;

  • The combined area of all platforms installed in the stadium is 250 square metres;

  • About 90,000 anchors, bushings and bars were used to install all the facilities;

  • All the equipment was supplied in 140 trucks;

  • Installation took 10 months, with around 20 people working every day.


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